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Dear Pilates Professional, In January 2009 I started a unique, intensive, two-year program, the Lolita San Miguel Pilates Master Mentor Program Pilates Masters must go far beyond mere competence, beyond certification, beyond knowing anatomy, the Pilates terminology, the exercises and being familiar with the equipment. They must undergo a specific type of training (as is done in the martial arts) and become an apprentice for a period to a Master with experiential wisdom. As a Pilates Elder, I am very conscious of the legacy I received directly from Joseph and Clara Pilates. I am also aware of the tremendous responsibility that follows from being so privileged. I became an apprentice first to Carola Trier, a Pilates Master trained by Joseph Pilates and his first disciple to open an independent Pilates studio. After many years of training, and being certified by her, I became an apprentice again, this time to the ultimate Masters Joseph and Clara Pilates, the creators of The Method, who certified me after an intensive 520 hour program, 20 hours a week for six months. When I received their certificate, I had been studying The Method for almost nine years. I have never stopped learning, and eager to learn the latest rehabilitation developments in The Method, I took the Polestar Pilates Education courses and was certified in 2004. I also hold a Gold Certificate from the Pilates Method Alliance. My Mentor Program is open only to certified teachers with three (3) years of teaching experience and admission will require an interview and an audition (by DVD or in person). By the very nature of the Program, I will be accepting only a very limited number of applicants. The Program consists of my working with small groups, minimum eight, maximum twelve and as Mentor I will share my expertise and impart the knowledge I have gained from my 53 years of Pilates experience and 60 years of dance experience. I am excited and thankful to be able to share my legacy through this new program. Lolita San Miguel


Only certified teachers (from all schools) with a minimum of three years teaching experience will be considered

Ms. San Miguel works with small groups (generally between eight and ten, twelve maximum) for a period of 160 direct contact hours divided into four (4) sessions over a two-year period.

A Diploma will be issued attesting that the person has successfully completed the Pilates Master program under Ms. San Miguel’s mentoring.

If the person has passed the course with a rating of over 7.5, he/she will be awarded the title of “Lolita San Miguel Pilates Master.” In addition he/she will receive the title of “Second Generation Pilates Teacher.” Ms San Miguel is one of only three living persons who can grant this last and enviable title.

Ms. San Miguel will work with teachers:

  • To develop and refine their ability to “see,” thereby expanding their ability to identify and correct flaws in clients;
  • To pass the torch of the quality best described as “The Spirit of The Method” Ms.. San Miguel received directly from Joseph and Clara Pilates;
  • To develop the finesse of a Master through the awareness of the many nuances, the beauty of movement and the importance of rhythmic flow;
  • To share experiences, challenges and goals, which will be helpful to the group and their clients;

The goal of the Program is to produce teachers of the highest quality, who have the knowledge and deep understanding of The Method and who have demonstrably shown the ability to impart them to Ms. San Miguel’s satisfaction. They must also give proof of the love of the work, commitment and integrity necessary to continue the legacy Ms. San Miguel received directly from Joseph and Clara Pilates.

Where: Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter, Florida

  • Cost: $4,000* annually *(Florida only)
Where: Europe
  • Cost Europe: €4,250 annually.

Web Site:
P.O. Box 31207 Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33420

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